2023 in Retrospect: A Year of Growth & Innovation

This year has been one of growth, innovation, and positive change for PureAir Filtration. We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates with you.

PureAir Filtration kicked off 2023 on a high note with the recognition of our Electronic Bed Monitor (EBMv2) as the 2022 Innovative Product of the Year by The Waterloo Filtration Institute. This achievement is a testament to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

We experienced an exciting transition in leadership with the naming of Ashley Jameson as the new President. Additionally, Anthony Yamini became PureAir’s new Vice President of Sales and Business Development and Tim Jameson was named the Director of Sales.

On the global front, PureAir Filtration has been actively expanding into new markets, with a particular focus on Biogas. Our commitment to sustainable solutions remains unwavering and we are excited about the positive impact our efforts will have on both the environment and the industries we serve.

As our customer base expands, we have established new relationships with BASF, Fluor, LAX, and Nestle Purina to name a few notable customers.

As we look forward to the opportunities of the new year, we are grateful for your continued partnership and support.


PureAir team outside headquarters in Norcross, GA

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