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PureAir Filtration’s Industrial Vertical Bed Scrubber (IVBS) is a vertical airflow system providing air purification for high contaminant levels.

This deep bed system dispenses continuous high efficiency air purification for contaminated air streams ranging in volume from 510 to 9,520 CMH (300-5,600 CFM). Because the system has vertical airflow, the potential for air bypass is eliminated.

Used primarily in pulp and paper mills and other industrial facilities, it has the high airflow capacity to remove more than 99% of odorous and harmful corrosive gases.

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Located in Svetogorsk, Russia, the Zao International Pulp and Paper Mill has been operating since 1887 and is one of the largest producers of paper products in the country.

As with other paper mills, the Sveto plant struggled to protect its mission critical equipment in the plant from corroding due to the hydrogen sulfide byproducts. Too many resources were being spent replacing hardware or working through downtime, so plant leaders began to look for a way to remove the hydrogen sulfide from the air to protect its control rooms. Staff were also looking forward to the elimination of odor in their workplace as the smell of hydrogen sulfide is very unpleasant and can cause irritation.

PureAir’s Industrial VBS-302 model was chosen for the job.

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