PureAir Filtration’s Side Access Housing (SAH) system is a horizontal airflow filtration and purification cell system. It provides continuous high efficiency air purification for low to contaminated air streams ranging in volume from 500 to 32,000 CFM. These systems are configured with refillable or disposable media cartridges. The PureAir SAH system can be supplied with or without blowers. As with all PureAir systems, the PureAir SAH is completely customizable offering a multitude of configuration to meet your specific needs.

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PureAir's side access housing system
Local Washington D.C. hospital case study brochure
A local Washington D.C. Hospital realized that the air intake for much of the hospital was located on the roof of the building, right next to the helipad.

Fumes from the landing helicopters were entering the air intake and dumping into patient rooms, especially those on the top floor. Such fumes consist of more than 25 different molecules and particles that can potentially cause harm to people, including the development of cancer, and other maladies over time.

Obviously, it was a top priority to prevent the fumes from entering the hospital and harming already critically ill patients.

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ATK Missile Systems Company case study brochure
ATK Missile Systems Company in Ohio, USA designs and manufactures weapon systems and technologies for the defense industry. It’s especially well known for the development of the Patriot Missile.

Manufacturing of aerospace and defense products often creates corrosive byproducts that can be harmful to people as well as valuable electronics. In this unique situation, the by-products were harmful to the health of those in continuous contact with the airstreams.

ATK looked for a leader in gas phase filtration to ensure plant personnel were protected from any harmful by-products in the air.

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