PureAir Filtration specially manufactures a number of products to remove unwanted odors and emissions from various environments, depending on the gas that is causing the problem.
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PureAir Equipment for H2S Removal by Airflow

Wastewater Odor Control

PureAir wastewater odor control unit

PureAir is vastly experienced in Wastewater Odor Control, with many municipality customers from across the world.

We are able to provide custom systems to meet airflow, space requirements, and other customer needs and specifications.

H2S Removal

PureAir’s BEAST™ provides dependable hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal to reduce corrosion, remove airborne gases from wastewater handling, food and beverage processing, and mining and tunneling operations.

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PureAir's BEAST
West Rankin Utility Authority wastewater treatment case study brochure

FACILITY TYPE: Water Treatment Plant

LOCATION: Jackson, Mississippi

EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Biologically Engineered Adsorbent Scrubber Technology Bioscrubber (BEAST™) and Sulphasorb Si™ adsorbent media

PROBLEM: The process of dewatering digested biosolids at the water treatment facility releases H2S gas, which has a very distinct and unpleasant odor. The facility needed a solution to remove the odorous gas from the air and stop the odor complaints it was receiving from surrounding neighborhoods.

SOLUTION: PureAir determined the most efficient solution to remove the high volume of gases emitted at the facility is its BEAST™ (BST-2100). This multi-stage scrubber is specifically designed for applications with very high H2S levels and offers fully remote monitoring capabilities. Since its installation, the BEAST™ bioscrubber has successfully removed 99.9% of H2S from the air and the odor complaints have stopped turning the customer into a good neighbor.

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Air Quality Monitoring Tools

The Electronic Bed Monitor (EBMv2) is the only tool on the market that continuously monitors changes in the life of the adsorbent media in real time. Its electronic notification system alerts users when media is partially and completely consumed.

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VBS ECMV2 with closeup
VBS ECMV2 with closeup
Environmental center case study brochure
FACILITY TYPE: Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre (ROPEC) – Wastewater Treatment Plant

LOCATION: Ottawa, Canada

EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: 3 – V-Bank Transition (VTS) and Sulphasorb XL™, CPS Blend, Ammoniasorb®, and Omnisorb, Electronic Bed Monitor

PROBLEM: Remove H2S, Ammonia, and other VOCs released into the air during the water treatment process

SOLUTION: PureAir customized each VTS to have four beds of chemical adsorbent media rather than the standard two or three beds. To guarantee optimum and long-term system performance, which includes no escaping odors, ROPEC also decided to install an Electronic Bed Monitor (EBM) in each VTS. EBM’s measure the remaining life of the adsorbent media in real time to ensure there is no breakthrough.

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Other Industrial and Commercial Odor Control Applications

PureAir is experienced in removing odors at a number of other commercial and industrial applications, and our custom designed units and high quality media can fit various space requirements, while removing all odorous gases.


Food and Beverage Processing Facilities:

Dairy processing facilities, breweries, and other food and beverage processing facilities often produce strong odors that our systems can remove to keep customers, employees, and neighbors happy.


Dannon Yogurt case study

FACILITY TYPE: Dannon Yogurt Plant


EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Vertical Bed System (VBS) filled with Sulphasorb XL™, CPS12 Blend, and Omnisorb chemisorbant media

PROBLEM: Eliminate odor complaints from surrounding neighbors created by their wastewater plant that manages the cream waste by-product used to make Greek Yogurt.

SOLUTION: PureAir installed a VBS after the underperforming biofilter that was only removing 90% of the H2S and none of the other odors. Three chemisorbant media were used to remove H2S, Methyl Mercaptan, and Dimethyl Disulfide. Since installation, Dannon reported that all odors were removed, and customer complaints were eliminated.

“Our [new PureAir] unit worked so well that it was like a spring breeze when I placed my face in the outlet of our unit. Absolutely no odors.”
–Kevin Bock, Dannon Yogurt

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Purple and blue cannabis plant


PureAir Cannabis grow facilities often emit an unwanted odor, and our chemical adsorbent media is perfect for removing the terpenes in cannabis that cause these odors.

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Tourist Locations & Attractions:

Many high traffic areas such as hotels, resorts, and other tourist attractions rely on our systems to remove odors that can be bothering customers.

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Pharmaceutical & Chemical Manufacturing:

Our systems help pharmaceutical and other chemical manufacturing companies to meet regulatory standards for emission and odor control.