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PureAir Filtration’s equipment offers a path forward to solving air quality problems with an innovative line of custom engineered products. PureAir Filtration takes quality seriously and has worked to ensure its Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our robust line of gas scrubbers, dry scrubbers, biological scrubbers, emergency gas scrubbers, and carbon scrubbers work in conjunction with our chemisorbant media for maximum removal of unwanted odors and pollutants, harmful fumes and vapors, and provide protection from toxic gas leaks. Our equipment improves air quality in many types of facilities, like: production facilities, museums and archives, airports, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, office buildings, casinos, hotels, and resorts.

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Odor and Emission Control

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Wastewater Odor Control, Other Industrial Odor Control, and Environmental Emission Control

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