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The PureAir Filtration PureAir VRF Vortex™ Radial Flow system provides a high airflow solution in a small footprint. 

By using a cylindrical shaped tower of adsorbent, PureAir is able to rely on height to provide airflows up to 40000 cfm.

Big Creek WWTP wastewater treatment case study brochure

LOCATION: Big Creek, Georgia

EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Radial Flow unit (RF-13-17-2) filled with Sulphasorb XL™ adsorbent media

PROBLEM: Neighbors are complaining about the odorous smell from the wastewater treatment plant.

SOLUTION: PureAir installed a RF filled with Sulphasorb XL™ adsorbent media to treat 25,000 CFM of malodorous air. The massive unit purified the air of all odors eliminating complaints from the surrounding community.

Download Wastewater Treatment Plant Case Study