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The PureAir Filtration PureAir VRF Vortex™ Radial Flow system provides a high airflow solution in a small footprint. 

By using a cylindrical shaped tower of adsorbent, PureAir is able to rely on height to provide airflows up to 40000 cfm.

PureAir's radial flow system
Big Creek WWTP wastewater treatment case study brochure
The wastewater treatment plant at Big Creek in Georgia, United States had numerous and reoccurring complaints from the surrounding residential community regarding the odor from the facility.

A common problem at treatment facilities, the odor needed to be eliminated through gas phase filtration of H2S and other compounds from the air. Big Creek looked at numerous options for odor control, but the facility had unique requirements in regard to footprint and high airflow.

PureAir had the answer they needed in the Vortex Radial Flow system.

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