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PureAir Filtration’s Vertical Bed System (VBS) system is a complete self contained, vertical airflow unit.

This deep bed system provides continuous high efficiency air purification for contaminated air streams ranging in volume from 160 to 16,960 CFM.

Because the system has a vertical airflow, the potential for air bypass is eliminated. The VBS system is available in either blow-through or draw-through configurations.

Georgia Pacific Paper Plant case study brochure
FACILITY TYPE: Georgia Pacific Paper MillLOCATION: Crossett, Arkansas

EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Vertical Bed System (VBS) and Sulphasorb XL™ media

PROBLEM: Corrosive air is damaging mission critical electronics and malodorous odors is affecting conditions for the staff

SOLUTION: PureAir installed a VBS filled with Sulphasorb XL™ media to remove odors and protect critical electronics.

Download Georgia Paper Mill Case Study


Chisholm Creek case study brochure
FACILITY TYPE: Chisholm Creek Water Treatment PlantLOCATION: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Dual Train System – VBS-720 roughing air scrubber with Sulphasorb FeXL™ media and VBS-720 polishing air scrubber with Sulphasorb XL™ media

PROBLEM: Chisholm Creek needed an odor solution for their extremely elevated levels of H2S and other sulfur compounds released during sewage processing that was cost effective and not high maintenance like chemical or wet scrubbers.

SOLUTION: PureAir recommended using a Dual Train VBS-720 system. The VBS-720 is a limited maintenance system designed to manage a high volume of airflow with a considerable saturation of H2S. PureAir recommended using Sulphasorb FeXL™ blended adsorbent media because it can remove 45% of its weight in H2S, making it an all-around more effective choice than carbon. It is a 50/50 blend of Sulphasorb XL™ media and Sulphasorb Fe™ media. Sulphasorb FeXL™ media is used as a roughing filter for cost effective and complete odor removal.

Download Chisholm Creek Case Study