Toxic Gas Protection

Hazardous gases such as chlorine, fluorine, ammonia and sulfur dioxide are required for certain important industrial and municipal processes. Occasionally accidents occur which results in released of these toxic chemicals. 

PureAir’s Sentry™ system stands on guard to protect against these releases. Systems are designed to capture the worst case scenario release of these gases. 

Customers can make great improvements to their EPA Risk Management Plan (RPM) by installing a PureAir Sentry. Many sizes and configurations are available.


New Iberia chlorine scrubber

Logan Aluminum case study brochure
FACILITY TYPE: Logan Aluminum – Aluminum Smelting Plant

LOCATION: Russellville, KY

EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Emergency Gas Dry Scrubber (EGS-100) filled with Safetysorb adsorbent media

PROBLEM: Logan Aluminum was using an emergency wet scrubber filled with sodium hydroxide as the scrubbing medium and needed an auxiliary chlorine neutralizing system to manage spills caused by tank changes that also prioritized employee safety.

SOLUTION: PureAir provided Logan Aluminum with an EGS-100 filled with 5 ft3 of Safetysorb. The new emergency chlorine scrubber system eliminated the risk of injury inherent to overseeing sodium hydroxide, while simultaneously complying with all federal, state, and local regulations for a chlorine neutralizing system.

Download Aluminum Smelting Plant Case Study