Toxic Gas Protection

Hazardous gases such as chlorine, fluorine, ammonia and sulfur dioxide are required for certain important industrial and municipal processes. Occasionally accidents occur which results in released of these toxic chemicals. 

PureAir’s Sentry™ system stands on guard to protect against these releases. Systems are designed to capture the worst case scenario release of these gases. 

Customers can make great improvements to their EPA Risk Management Plan (RPM) by installing a PureAir Sentry. Many sizes and configurations are available.


North Texas Municipal Water District case study brochure
FACILITY TYPE: Municipal Water Treatment Facility

LOCATION: North Texas

EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Emergency Gas Scrubber (EGS-300) and Safetysorb adsorbent media

PROBLEM: The water treatment facility stores more than 300 pounds of chlorine onsite and needed a solution in the event of a leak

SOLUTION: PureAir’s EGS-300 kicked into gear when one of their dry scrubbers had a leak, pulling the toxic gas from the air and through the scrubber where Safetysorb absorbent media neutralized it, releasing only purified, clean air into the building. According to the Instrumentation Technician working the night of the leak, “your system is working very well. It was dealing with the chlorine leak before our main system detected the leak.”

Download Water Treatment Plant Case Study