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Biogas facility in rural area

PureAir Advantages

  • Countless customizable options for site-specific operating needs
  • Only company in industry to offer our patented highest removal capacity Sulphasorb FeXL™
  • Long lasting media life
  • Easy system maintenance
  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Hassle-free media changeout

PureAir Superior Adsorbent Media

Our Sulphasorb Fe™ and Sulphasorb FeXL™ adsorbent media provide almost double the filtration capacity as iron sponge technology, resulting in better value for your money. Once the Hydrogen Sulfide is removed by Sulphasorb FeXL™, PureAir’s other media can be used in polishing a unit to pick up all other unwanted gases and odors. This ensures over 99% removal of all unwanted gases.
Orange PureAir SulphasorbFE (13).1
Mixed brown PureAir Sulphasorb FeXL
Biogas California case study brochure
A dairy biogas facility in California was undergoing needed upgrades and expansions.

Biogas is a gaseous fuel produced by the fermentation of organic matter, most often in the form of bovine waste. This facility plays a vital role by breaking down organic matter and sourcing energy for the community.

These processes release primarily methane, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and carbon dioxide into the air which cause unpleasant odor and create greenhouse gas.

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