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PureAir Filtration’s Packed Bed System (PBS) is a complete self contained, horizontal airflow unit. This deep bed system provides continuous high efficiency air purification for contaminated air streams ranging in volume from 200 to 5,600 CFM.

The PBS comes in either blow-through or draw-through configurations. Standard construction is with stainless steel.

Packed Bed System
Spokane CSO case study brochure
FACILITY TYPE: CSO Sewage FacilityLOCATION: Spokane, Washington

EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Packed Bed System (PBS) and Sulphasorb XL™ media and CPS Blend media

PROBLEM: Processing raw sewage releases H2S, VOCs, mercaptans, and sulfur compounds into the air.

SOLUTION: PureAir custom engineered multiple PBS systems (sizes ranged from PBS-404 to PBS-809) with two media beds in each for Sulphasorb XLTM media and CPS Blend media.

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New Belgium Brewery case study brocure
FACILITY TYPE: New Belgium BreweryLOCATION: Asheville, North Carolina

EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Packed Bed System (PBS-504) filled with Sulphasorb XL™ media and PureAir 12 media, Electronic Bed Monitor (EBM)

PROBLEM: Workers and neighbors are complaining about the odorous smell of the beer fermentation process.

SOLUTION: PureAir installed a PBS-504 filled with both Sulphasorb XL™ media and PureAir 12 media to treat 1,000 CFM of malodorous air. The brewery also installed an EBM to electronically monitor the life of the media and preschedule changeout.

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