PureAir Filtration specializes in indoor air quality. PureAir provides a variety of applications and products to assist in the following categories:

  • Super-purifying the air in museums for protection of precious archives and pieces of artwork
  • Purifying air in hospitals particularly from helipad fumes
  • Purifying airport terminals from jet exhaust 

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People in an airport terminal
Art museum
Empty hospital bed in a empty hospital room
D.C. museum case study brochure

LOCATION: Washington, D.C.

EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Chemisorbant Media

PROBLEM: A confidential museum tested its environment for harmful gases to see what could be potentially harming its artifacts. The results showed nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) to be the main culprits, testing at levels as high as 22.21 ppb and 1.68 ppb respectively. These levels of gases could cause irreversible damage to valuables in the museum over time. Because the museum was familiar with gas-phase filtration technology, it chose three companies to participate in a blind 3rd party test to see which products could remove the gases, with the winner gaining the business.

SOLUTION: PureAir’s media outperformed the competition, lowering the level of NO2 in its environment by 50% from 2.2 to 1.1 ppb. The next best competitor was only able to lower the gases by 33% of its initial reading. Impressed by the performance of PureAir’s chemisorbant media, it was chosen for the job, and the museum continues to rely on this solution today.

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CS/S1 C2/S2 C3/S3 C4/S4 C5/S5
Archives, Metal, Collections, Rare Books Museums, Museum, Storage, Libraries Historic Houses Short Term Acceptable Not Acceptable
Copper Reactivity Level Silver Reactivity Level
Class Air Quality Classification Corrosion Rate per 30 days Class Air Quality Classification Corrosion Rate per 30 days
C1 Extremely Pure < 90 Angstroms S1 Extremely Pure < 40 Angstroms
C2 Pure < 150 Angstroms S2 Pure < 100 Angstroms
C3 Clean < 250 Angstroms S3 Clean < 200 Angstroms
C4 Slightly Contaminated < 350 Angstroms S4 Slightly Contaminated < 300 Angstroms
C5 Polluted ≥ 350 Angstroms S5 Polluted ≥ 300 Angstroms