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PureAir Filtration’s Drum Scrubber (DS) is a vent control system that is completely self contained. This system provides a reasonably inexpensive air purification system for small flow odor air streams ranging in volume without prefiltering or mist/grease elimination, 50 to 1000 CFM. The PureAir DS systems maybe connected to an exhaust vent and used for passive odor control or environmental emission applications. The most common applications are process vessels, storage tanks, sewage life stations, and package sewage treatment plants. Drum scrubbers do not include prefilters, final filters, or mist/grease eliminators. Larger systems will include a blower to ensure active purging of contaminants.

PureAir drum scrubber installed outdoors
pump station case study thumb
The City of Camas in Washington was experiencing complaints of odors coming from one of their pump stations for the wastewater treatment plant.

The malodorous air was mainly a result of hydrogen sulfide from the wastewater at the pump station. The city analyzed a number of different technologies that could treat the air, and a dry scrubber was deemed the best option. Specifically, the city was interested in finding the most economical solution to the problem.

The air filtration system went to bid with other pump station upgrade projects.

Download Municipal Pump Station Case Study