The Problem

As with any problem, you must know the cause in order to appropriately fix it. Let our specialists and inhouse lab help you determine the cause of your problem. The equipment listed below will help you determine which gas and quantity of the gas are causing your odor, corrosion, emission, etc. issue. From there, we will discuss the right approaching to addressing it.

The Solution

Environment Corrosivity Monitor (ECMv2)

PureAir’s Environment Corrosivity Monitor (ECMv2) is an electric version of the Corrosivity Test Kit. The Environment Corrosivity Monitor detects corrosion in real time. It provides the benefits of constant environment surveillance, SD card data storage, easy installation, and long service life.

Download ECMv2 Brochure

Environment Corrosivity Monitor

Corrosivity Test Kit

PureAir’s Corrosivity Test Kit consists of a strip of silver and copper which is hung in the applicable room for 30 days.

The Corrosivity Test Kit is then sent back to our in-house lab to test the corrosion on the copper and silver plates to determine which type of gases caused the corrosion, and in what quantities.

From there, PureAir will help recommend a solution to remove the appropriate gases from the room.

Corrosivity test kit
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Person in lab coat with a pipette and petrie dish