PureAir Filtration Wins 2022 Innovative Product of the Year

From Waterloo Filtration Institute

Atlanta, Georgia – PureAir Filtration is excited to announce that the Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) has named the Electronic Bed Monitor (EBMv2) the 2022 Innovative Product of the Year.

The Innovative Product of the Year award was created to promote product development in the filtration and separation industry for a clean, healthy, and sustainable world. PureAir is proud to be one of only three recipients of the 2022 award. “Congratulations. Your product is quite unique and aids greatly in media bed monitoring,” said Mitch McCreary, Director of Marketing, Waterloo Filtration Institute.

PureAir’s Electronic Bed Media Monitor (EBMv2), a first-to-market technology for measuring media consumption in real time, has been upgraded to the EBMv2. Through continuous monitoring and an electronic notification system, this monitor makes unit maintenance predictable and plannable. The EBMv2, now features six externally wired and mounted sensors to detect changes in the life of the adsorbent media.

“We thank WFI for the recognition of the innovation of our second-generation adsorbent bed media monitor (EBMv2). This is a technology that brings value to the customers in our specific industry – one of the last filtration technologies to adopt real-time monitoring,” said Kevin Jameson, Founder & CEO Emeritus of PureAir Filtration.

Learn more about this award at WFInstitute.com.

Kevin Jameson presented with WFI award 2022
Kevin Jameson presented with WFI award 2022

The 2022 Innovative Product of the Year award presented to Margie Jameson (Vice President) and Kevin Jameson (Founder & CEO Emeritus) by Dr. Christine Sun, CFSS (President, Waterloo Filtration Institute).


EBMv2 wins 2022 innovation award


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