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Improve Indoor Air Quality

PureAir Filtration’s Packaged Filter Unit (PFU) is a complete self contained, horizontal or vertical airflow packaged cell system.

It provides continuous high efficiency air purification for low level contaminated air streams ranging in volume from 500 to 3,000 CFM. These systems are typically used in free standing applications where fine purification of the air in a room is needed.

PFUs are most often used in computer control rooms as polishing filters to provide added assurance of air quality.

Are you looking for a more compact and mobile solution? The PFU-Mini and PFU-Mobile are designed to fit into tight space restrictions, plug into standard electrical sockets, and are mounted on casters for a portable and highly effective air-quality solution.
Christie's Auction House case study brochure
FACILITY TYPE: Christie’s Auction House


EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Packaged Filtration Unit (PFU-6000) and CP Blend adsorbent media

PROBLEM: Contaminants in the air are a threat to the priceless artifacts housed in the auction house.

SOLUTION: PureAir installed a PFU-6000 filled with CP Blend media to protect priceless pieces of artwork and documents from pollutant corrosion.

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