The most widely used disinfectant for municipal wastewater applications is chlorine. Chlorine is effective for disinfection because of its ability to eliminate infectious agents. While it has a proven track record as an effective disinfectant, its use does carry some health and safety risks. Chlorine can transform into chlorine gas, which is toxic.

Why a Chlorine Scrubber for Gas Leaks Is Essential

Chlorine gas smells like ammonia and can be extremely irritating to both the eyes and throat. Chlorine gas can even cause difficulty in breathing for people present in the area of a leak. Furthermore, when chlorine turns into a gas it is highly flammable.

If ignited, the smoke produced by a chlorine fire can create serious health and safety risks to the surrounding area. A leak involving chlorine gas is considered a hazardous situation. When a dry scrubber system is in place, these risks are successfully mitigated.

Shenango EGS

The Sentry™ Is Highly Effective as a Chlorine Scrubber

PureAir Filtration’s Sentry™ Emergency Gas Dry Scrubber is a robust and effective chlorine scrubber, providing reliable protection against hazardous chlorine leaks.

The Sentry™ is safer and more dependable than conventional wet scrubber systems, and since it has only one moving part, it needs less maintenance, is easier to operate, and costs less.

PureAir Filtration’s Sentry™ is equipped with alumina-based Safetysorb adsorbent media. Because Safetysorb is fireproof, it has earned a UL Rating. This system guards not only against leaks, but it improves your EPA Risk Management Rating.

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Newlberia EGS 707

The Ideal Emergency Chlorine Scrubber Solution

PureAir Filtration’s Sentry™ is ideal for industrial facilities storing chlorine or ammonia, municipal and industrial water treatment, paper mills, and water reclamation facilities.

In the event of a leak, the Sentry™ immediately deploys and captures escaping chlorine gas before it puts facility employees and surrounding communities at risk. Unlike the older generation of wet scrubbers that require constant upkeep and handling of caustic solutions, the Sentry™ is safe, easy to maintain, and dependable.

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FACILITY TYPE: Water Treatment Plant

LOCATION: New Buffalo, Michigan

EQUIPMENT/MEDIA USED: Emergency Gas Scrubber (EGS-150) and Safetysorb adsorbent media

PROBLEM: The water treatment facility added a third filter building to handle the one million gallons of chlorine used per day and needed a standby gas scrubber in the event of an emergency.

SOLUTION: PureAir’s emergency gas scrubber (EGS-150) made of fiberglass reinforced plastic and filled with Safetysorb adsorbent media was chosen to handle the high volume of chlorine if there was a leak. Just as designed, the standby system jumped into gear during a chlorine leak and was able to contain the situation until the leak could be fixed, keeping personnel and the surrounding area free from harm.

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