Combating the Hidden Dangers of Ammonia Gas

Ammonia serves diverse purposes based on its application. It is frequently used in industrial settings for the elimination of nuisance odors, utilized in municipal water treatment facilities for its disinfectant properties, and plays a role in the coolant process for industrial freezing. However, if ammonia is stored on-site, the occurrence of a leak can present significant health and safety risks. To address this, facilities can proactively mitigate ammonia gas exposure by adopting solutions designed to safeguard both employees and the surrounding environment in the event of a leak.

Assessing Risk as Exposure Increases

An escape of ammonia can lead to irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat. Those exposed to low levels may encounter mild coughing and breathing difficulties. As ammonia concentrations rise, the health risks become more severe. Beyond heightened irritations in the eyes, nose, and throat, moderate ammonia levels can lead to significant respiratory issues, chest pains, and nausea. Exposure to high concentrations poses an extreme danger and can be fatal if not addressed promptly. Symptoms include rapid breathing, chest pains, severe coughing, and even unconsciousness. Taking immediate action is vital in such situations.

PureAir’s Ammoniasorb – The Ultimate Solution

Ammoniasorb adsorbent media

PureAir’s Ammoniasorb® chemisorbant media is specifically designed to neutralize amines and other base compounds, including ammonia. Ideal for application in gas-phase filtration dry scrubbers, it effectively eliminates nuisance odors in industrial settings. In municipal facilities, an Emergency Gas Scrubber utilizing Ammoniasorb serves as the perfect solution to neutralize ammonia in the event of an accidental leak.

Crafted from highly activated carbon through steam activation from selected grades of anthracite coal, Ammoniasorb® ensures exceptional adsorption capacity. This facilitates the efficient capture and neutralization of ammonia molecules, striking a perfect balance between adsorption and transportation pores for comprehensive protection.

In the event of a leak, ammonia is swiftly removed from the area and directed through a bank of Ammoniasorb, where it undergoes neutralization, releasing only clean air. The reaction with ammonia produces a harmless by-product, allowing for safe disposal as non-hazardous solid waste.

Ammoniasorb® proves its versatility in various applications, be it industrial, municipal, or others. Its effectiveness in neutralizing ammonia establishes it as an invaluable tool for maintaining a safe and healthy environment, free from the presence of ammonia gas.

PureAir’s Ammoniasorb® in Action

Ammoniasorb and VTS case study

A thickening and dewatering facility undergoing expansions released high volume of ammonia gas and other byproducts due to the water filtration processes.

PureAir’s Ammoniasorb® filled within V-Bank Transition Systems (VTS) resolved issues of nuisance odors and eliminating risks associated with high ammonia gas exposure in the surrounding area.

Download Ammoniasorb® Case Study


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