PureAir’s EGS Provides a Dependable Safety Solution for Hazardous Gas Leaks

Ensuring the safety of employees and the surrounding community is a critical concern for industrial operations. Particularly at risk are water and wastewater treatment facilities with operations that involve the use of hazardous gases such as chlorine (Cl2), ammonia (NH3), and sulfur dioxide (SO2). If accidentally released, these toxic gases can cause immediate danger including:

  • Damage to equipment and systems
  • Serious risk for employee injuries or fatalities
  • Long-term environmental consequences for the community

It is crucial for facilities to be prepared with an emergency gas removal strategy.

Mandated Risk Management Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates that facilities with large quantities of hazardous chemicals have risk management plans (RMP) in place, including measures to mitigate accidental releases. Facilities that do not have a plan are not only at serious risk, they also face the threat of costly fines for non-compliance.

Emergency gas scrubbers are a critical component of these plans. They can quickly neutralize or remove the harmful gases during an accidental release, preventing the gases from reaching the atmosphere and endangering occupants of the facility as well as the environment and surrounding community.

PureAir’s Emergency Gas Scrubber (EGS)

PureAir Filtration’s Emergency Gas Scrubber (EGS), coupled with Safetysorb adsorbent media, offers a robust and dependable solution to mitigate toxic gas leak threats. The EGS stands guard, ready to neutralize toxic gas emissions instantly upon the detection of a leak. Here’s how it works:

  1. Standby Mode: The EGS, filled with Safetysorb adsorbent media, remains on standby to adsorb gases in the event of a leak.
  2. Detection and Activation: Upon detecting a leak, the EGS activates immediately, capturing the escaping toxic gas.
  3. Neutralization Process: As the gas passes through the Safetysorb media, it is neutralized. The media adsorbs chlorine and other toxic molecules, preventing them from escaping into the environment.
  4. Safe Disposal: The by-product of this reaction is a non-hazardous solid waste, easily disposable in landfills, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
Emergency Gas Scrubber installed in Madison, Indiana

EGS-150 installed on-site in Madison, Indiana USA

Key Features and Benefits

Traditional wet scrubbers involve complex systems with multiple components, including pumps, lines, nozzles, valves, and holding tanks for caustic liquids. PureAir’s EGS offers a more practical alternative that ensures effectiveness with the benefits of lower maintenance requirements and higher reliability.

  • Reliable and Effective: The system prioritizes the protection of employees and the environment, providing on-site mitigation of gas leaks and improving EPA Risk Management Ratings.
  • Low Maintenance: With only one moving part, the EGS requires minimal maintenance and incurs no operational costs for up to 10 years.
  • Fast-Acting: Capable of neutralizing hazardous gases quickly and efficiently, the EGS can even detect leaks before a facility’s main alarm system.
  • High-Performance Adsorbent Media: Safetysorb, an alumina-based adsorbent media, is non-flammable and UL-rated, ensuring it remains effective and safe during a gas leak.
  • Customizable Configurations: The EGS is available in multiple configurations, handling airflow up to 8,495 CMH (5,000 CFM) and hazardous gas capacities up to two tons. It can be configured for horizontal or vertical airflow and includes various draw-through blower options.

PureAir Filtration’s Emergency Gas Scrubber – A Vital First Line of Defense

Offering unparalleled safety and peace of mind for industrial facilities, the EGS helps industrial facilities protect their employees, the surrounding community, and the environment from the catastrophic impacts of hazardous gas leaks.

Is your facility prepared for an emergency gas leak? Contact the team at PureAir Filtration to find out if the EGS is the right solution for your facility.


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