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PureAir Filtration has extensive field experience and expertise in developing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal solutions for municipal wastewater facilities and other wastewater treatment applications. Water treatment provides sewage receiving and pumping, sludge mixing and thickening, as well as dewatering digested biosolids. These processes release hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and commonly occur at municipal wastewater and water reclamation facilities.

Industrial processes at manufacturing facilities like pulp and paper mills, mining, petrochemical refineries, etc. produce corrosive gases as byproducts such as hydrogen sulfide.

Why Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Removal Is So Important

Widely recognized as one of the most expensive problems for municipal and industrial wastewater systems, H2S produces a foul odor as well as sulfuric acid that is highly corrosive to metal, concrete, and other materials. In addition to causing billions in sewer asset losses per year, hydrogen sulfide creates a serious health and safety concern for people working or living in affected areas. It is the most common gas emitted and removed from the air.

The BEAST™ Provides Powerful H2S Control

PureAir Filtration delivers dependable H2S control with the BEAST™ biological multistage scrubber, the most powerful odor control solution on the market. The BEAST™ (Biologically Engineered Adsorbent Scrubber Technology) brings the best of class technologies to one innovative system to remove even the highest levels of H2S.Designed for applications with very high levels of constant H2S (300+ PPM average), the BEAST™ scrubber is filled with Sulphasorb Si™ chemisorbant media. The system can handle H2S concentrations of 200+ ppm, and the various models can be configured to airflows between 250 and 8000 CFM.

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PureAir Filtration’s Absorbent Media for H2S Removal

PureAir Filtration has a number of absorbent media designed for hydrogen sulfide removal that provide the best capture by weight:

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