Electronic Media Bed Monitor EBMv2 Optimizes Gas-Phase System Performance

The most important aspect to keeping gas-phase filtration systems operating at peak performance is ensuring they are supplied with high-performance chemisorbant media. Media changeouts should be done as a standard part of system maintenance. When media changes are neglected, the system can not function as intended and undesirable gases and odors will be released into the environment. Conversely, premature media changeouts lead to unnecessary downtime and unplanned expense. Proper media replacement timing is important for optimizing media performance and system efficiency.

Media Monitoring and Maintenance

The life span of media will depend on factors like the type and quantity of gas and the airflow. Typically media performs reliably for just over a year. Beyond date tracking, there are additional ways to test the effectiveness of adsorbent media.

Electronic Media Bed Monitoring (EBM) is an innovative first-to-market technology developed by PureAir Filtration that provides live, reliable media life monitoring for gas-phase filtration systems.

1st Generation Electronic Media Bed Monitor (EBM)

PureAir’s electronic media bed monitoring technology was developed to provide odor control accuracy and system reliability by electronically monitoring media consumption with live readings. The first-to-market monitor design had a rod equipped with built-in sensors, which was inserted into the media bed. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) detects changes in the life of the media in real time and uses measurements to calculate remaining media life. The system sends an alert when the media is partially or entirely consumed.
This proactive approach to media replacement:

  • Accurately monitors remaining media life
  • Alerts plant operator before media replacement is needed
  • Avoids contaminant breakthrough and extended downtimes
  • Facilitates advanced scheduling for media changeout
  • Transmits data wirelessly or wired

A New Generation Electronic Bed Monitor (EBMv2)

The EBM has now been upgraded to the EBMv2 to offer even better performance than the first generation model. In addition to the previous features, this new generation monitor is equipped with cellular communications and GPS to identify the location of the unit that requires a media changeout.

The EBMv2 features six externally wired and mounted sensors to detect changes in the life of the adsorbent media. The sensors transmit this information to a control panel that predicts a media consumption date based on a proprietary algorithm, alerting users when media is partially and completely consumed.

electric bed monitor sensor
Upgraded EBMv2 benefits:

  • Higher quality sensors at a lower cost
  • Sensors are protected from moisture and they are more accessible
  • Available for multiple gases (H2S, chlorine, etc.)
  • Cloud collection of data
  • Easier media changeout without a sensor bar in the way
  • Can be retrofitted on existing deep bed systems

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