Is Chlorine Gas Putting Your Employees, Facility, and Community at Risk?

Chlorine is one of the most widely used chemicals for industrial waste and sewage treatment due to its disinfectant capabilities. Municipal facilities storing chlorine onsite should know that a leak can pose a serious safety risk to employees and the surrounding community. But all too often they are not doing all they can to mitigate the risks.

What Happens in the Event of a Chlorine Gas Leak

A chlorine leak presents a dangerous situation that can lead to evacuation or shelter-in-place orders until it has been contained. This is because chlorine can turn into a flammable gas and exposure to it can damage the eyes and lungs. Precautions need to be taken to limit exposure and ensure safety in the event of an accidental leak.

PureAir’s Emergency Gas Dry Scrubber with Safetysorb Mitigates the Chlorine Gas Threat

PureAir’s Emergency Gas Dry Scrubber helps you prioritize employee safety and guard against hazardous chlorine gas. Due to its ability to detect and neutralize chlorine gas, our Emergency Gas Scrubber filled with Safetysorb adsorbent media provides a reliable safety solution for dealing with hazardous gas leaks.

Safetysorb adsorbent media

All of PureAir’s Emergency Gas Scrubbers are filled with Safetysorb adsorbent media that remains on standby for adsorption until an emergency toxic gas release. Safetysorb media has been developed to adsorb chlorine molecules by attracting them to its surface, thereby removing the chlorine from the environment. When a leak occurs, chlorine is removed from the area and passed through a bank of Safetysorb where it is neutralized, releasing only clean air. After reacting with chlorine, Safetysorb is non-flammable and produces a harmless by-product that can be disposed of as a non-hazardous solid waste.

PureAir’s Emergency Chlorine Gas Scrubbers in Action

A PureAir EGS standby system activated when a leak was detected at the New Buffalo Water Treatment Plant in Buffalo, Michigan.

The dry scrubber contained the chlorine gas threat until the leak could be fixed, ensuring the safety of personnel, and preventing the gas from spreading to the surrounding area.

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New Buffalo EGS
The chlorine leak at a North Texas Municipal Water District was detected by PureAir’s Emergency Gas Dry Scrubber (EGS-300) before the facility’s main chlorine alarm system alerted staff and gave them the valuable time needed to contain the leak.

The EGS began mitigating the leak risk immediately by pulling the toxic gas from the air and neutralizing it with Safetysorb adsorbent media.

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EGS 300

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