Instructions for Media Sampling

Keeping your system serviced with high performance chemical adsorbent media is very important. If media is not changed out when it is due for replacement, your system will not function properly and unwanted gases will be released into your environment. The life span of the media will vary depending on many factors such as type and quantity of gas, airflow, etc., but on average, it lasts for a little over a year. There are multiple ways that you can test to see if your media is reaching its expiration date:

  1. Manual Bed Indicator- Our deep bed scrubbers have a silver rod inserted into the system. You can pull out the rod and see where the furthest end of the rod is being corroded. When the corrosion travels past the middle of the rod, it is time to replace your media.
  2. Electronic Media Bed Monitor (EBM)- This is available on some PureAir units and will alert you when it is time to change the media. Through continuous monitoring and a notification system, this tool makes it easy to keep up with maintenance on the unit.
  3. Sampling the media for lab testing- We offer complimentary media testing for all PureAir customers. This test requires a small sample of media from the system. For deep bed scrubbers, we usually recommend getting media from each system side port. Put the media samples in Ziploc bags, and mail it to us at our facility. As soon as we receive the media, we will test it and send you a lab report back analyzing the lifetime value of the media.
  4. Coupon Testing- For monitoring of corrosive gases, we can install a simple PureAir Coupon with copper and silver strips in the affected area and let it sit in the environment for 30 days. The metals will be tested and analyzed at our lab to determine if the media is still adsorbing all corrosive gases. We also offer an electronic coupon (ECM) that can monitor the corrosive properties of the air and its effects on the copper and silver strips without lab testing.

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