Pure Air Filtration

Adsorbent Media

Media Types

Activated Alumina with Impregnated Potassium Permanganate Media

We offer multiple types of activated alumina that is impregnated with potassium permanganate.  This type of media targets a broad range of gases which cause corrosion, odor, as well as other undesirable gases. Click to see which media best fits your needs:   PureAir 4 ,PureAir 8 , PureAir 12

Activated Carbon Media

                                                                                          PureAir offers a variety of activated carbons. This type of media targets various gases and odors.                                                                                    Click to see which media best fits your needs:  PureAir AC-CPureAir AC-X, Ammoniasorb, Sulphasorb, Sulphasorb XL, SulphasorbFE. 

Blended Media

                                                          PureAir offers unique blends of media to target a broad range of odors and gasses. Each blend has different capacity removals.                                        Click to see which media best fits your needs: PP Blend, CP Blend, CPS Blend, CPS 12 Blend, TriBlend.

Chlorine Adsorbent Media

PureAir offers Safteysorb as the best chlorine Adsorbent media.   Click to learn more information:  Safteysorb.

Own a system manufactured by a different manufacturer?

                                                  Our modules and filters are not only compatible to PureAir units, but also to Purafil, Circul-Aire, Camfil, AAF, and many more manufactures.                                                   If you have questions about your unit, contact us today!

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