Many companies offer carbon filtration products or air scrubbers, and some may have engineered adsorbent medias. However, only a few companies throughout the world offer complete gas-phase filtration solutions, and even fewer manufacture chemical adsorbent media. This is one of the reasons PureAir stands out to the competition. In addition, PureAir’s size and structure allow for custom design and flexibility, without sacrificing quality or breadth of products available.

ECS Environmental has been primarily known in the US and Canada for its ability to produce economical fiberglass vessels, especially for the wastewater odor control industry. ECS sells some comparable medias, and PureAir’s chemical adsorbent media can be used in ECS and other’s air scrubbers. See the below chart for information on applicable products, and contact us for technical information and lab test results.

Comparable Media by Manufacturer

PureAir ECS Environmental
PureAir 4 N/A
PureAir 8 N/A
PureAir 12 N/A
PureAir 6Z PP Polishing
Safetysorb N/A
AC-C Virgin Coconut Carbon
Ammoniasorb N/A
Sulphasorb 2 N/A
Sulphasorb XL N/A
CP Blend N/A
CPS 12 Blend N/A
CPS Blend N/A
PP Blend N/A
TriBlend N/A
NOXsorb N/A