PurePak Modules (PP18 & PP12):

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These Disposable cartridges were developed to provide customers with a method to quickly and cleanly change the media in particular air purification systems, in particular the PureAir Side Access Housing unit. It can be filled with any PureAir superior adsorbent media. The PP12 dimensions are 12” x 12” x 24” while the PP18 measures 6” x 24” x 18”. Cartridges are typically sold in pairs.

Matrix Filter:

Carbon based adsorbent media matrix blocks are aligned and encased in the recycled frame and screen to be installed into various filtration systems to provide the superior performance of PureAir’s adsorbent media. The matrix blocks have a monolithic structure and can be made of either PureAir AC-X, Ammoniasorb, or Sulphasorb chemical adsorbment media. The size and shape of the monolithic structure of the cells leads to turbulent flow and superior performance. The system also has no bypass and a very low pressure drop which amount to total air filtration with efficient energy use.
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Cylinder Filter-min

Cylinder Filters:

Loose-filled, thing-bed cylinder filters provide effective removal of contaminated or odorous air. PureAir’s cylinder filters are custom filled with our highest quality media to remove targeted gas. This long lasting. corrosion free filter comes in galvanized steel, stainless steel, or plastic, making it fit for any application needed.
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Own a system manufactured by a different manufacturer?

Our modules and filters are not only compatible to PureAir units, but also to Purafil, Circul-Aire, Camfil, AAF, and many more manufactures. If you have questions about your unit, contact us today!