Pure Air Filtration

Odor and Environmental Emissions Control

PureAir Filtration specially manufactures a number of products to remove unwanted odors and emissions from various environments, depending on the gas that is causing the problem.
Wastewater and sewage treatment plant, aerial top view from drone.
Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

Wastewater Odor Control

  • PureAir is vastly experienced in Wastewater Odor Control, with many municipality customers from across the world. Download our brochure.
  • We are able to provide custom systems to meet airflow, space requirements, and other customer needs and specifications. 
  • Our Electronic Bed Monitor (EBM) is the only tool on the market that can monitor the remaining life of your media in real-time. Download our brochure.
  • Learn more about how PureAir has been proven by third party testing to remove 99%+ of unwanted odors and gases. Download here.

Other Industrial and Commercial Odor Control Applications

  • PureAir is experienced in removing odors at a number of other commercial and industrial applications, and our custom designed units and high quality media can fit various space requirements, while removing all odorous gases.

Kitchen Ecology:

Food and Beverage Processing Facilities:

  • Dairy processing facilities, breweries, and other food and beverage processing facilities often produce strong odors that our systems can remove to keep customers, employees, and neighbors happy.


  • PureAir Cannabis grow facilities often emit an unwanted odor, and our chemical adsorbent media is perfect for removing the terpenes in cannabis that cause that odors. Download our Brochure.

Tourist Locations & Attractions:

  • Many high traffic areas such as hotels, resorts, and other tourist attractions rely on our systems to remove odors that can be bothering customers.

    Pharmaceutical & Chemical Manufacturing:

  • Our systems help pharmaceutical and other chemical manufacturing companies to meet regulatory standards for emission and odor control.

Biogas Facilities: 

  •  Our easy to maintain systems are designed for the removal of hydrogen sulfide and other odorous contaminants from the biogas process. Download our Brochure
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