Wastewater Odor Control from PureAir Filtration

Excessive hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels create serious and costly problems for municipal wastewater facilities and other industries where wastewater treatment processes occur. Not only may the health and safety of employees be at risk, people in the surrounding communities may also be affected. Damage to facilities and equipment are also likely to occur when hydrogen sulfide levels are elevated.

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A solution for preventing high levels of H2S is critical in avoiding health risks, expensive equipment failure, steep fines, and costly downtime.

Wastewater Odor Control Begins with Application Evaluation

The proper treatment of gases from wastewater can be complex and challenging. Testing and analysis is required to determine the composition of the gas so that each of the toxic elements may be identified and effectively treated. PureAir Filtration’s team of experts provide testing and will assist in the selection of the right gas treatment system for the type of gases involved, as well as the best system for the specific wastewater processes and facility.

Powerful and Reliable H2S Removal

PureAir Filtration delivers reliable removal of H2S for wastewater applications with the most robust odor control solution, BEAST™ biological multistage scrubber. This powerful system brings the industry’s best technologies to one innovative system to remove even the highest levels of H2S.

BEAST scrubber

The BEAST™ (Biologically Engineered Adsorbent Scrubber Technology) is engineered for applications with very high levels of constant H2S (300+ PPM average). The BEAST™ is filled with Sulphasorb Si™ Chemisorbant Media and is able to manage H2S concentrations of 200+ ppm. A variety of models are available and can be configured to airflows between 250 and 8000 CFM.

PureAir Filtration has a number of absorbent media designed for H2S removal that provide the best capture by weight, including:

PureAir has extensive experience with wastewater odor control applications, including commercial and industrial applications, as well as many municipality customers around the world. Contact us today to discuss your project.


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