PureAir Filtration enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with a robust group of sales partners across the globe. According to them, our high-quality gas-phase filtration systems, chemisorbant media, and monitoring tools consistently outperform the competition. But it is our focus on customization, responsive account managers, in-house lab testing, and library of marketing materials that ensure each sales partner feels supported and valued.

Why Partner with PureAir?

Work with a family owned and operated company

Experience the benefits that only come from working with a family-owned business. The culture at PureAir is unique, offering a more inclusive and collaborative environment. Employees treat each call, question, and email with a sense of urgency unmatched in the industry.

  • Flexibility and design services are afforded to each customer
  • Systems are custom designed based on the application, industry, and issue each customer needs addressed and managed
  • Problems are analyzed individually to determine the root cause, then a custom solution is designed and manufactured to fully eliminate the issue
  • Continuous product innovation and patented technology sets the company apart from other gas adsorption companies

Expand client base

PureAir’s product lines complement a sales partner’s current product offerings, creating an opportunity to expand their client base and serve their clients’ needs more effectively. PureAir’s niche technology and ability to customize products to fit any customers needs gives sales partners a competitive advantage.

  • Customers already have a need for PureAir’s technology
  • PureAir is one of a few companies that manufacturers chemisorbant media in the U.S.
  • Short-term and long-term sale options for equipment and media
  • PureAir’s gas-phase filtration systems:
    • Save money through a reduction in maintenance and downtime costs due to electrical equipment failures from corrosive air
    • Remove odors and excess emission that can cause complaints from neighbors and even compliance issues
    • Guarantee protection in the event of an accidental toxic gas leak

Residual revenue and continuous support

Each sales partner has the support of an account manager to answer questions, create quotes, schedule changeout services, and help follow-up with the customer when it is time to test and replace media.

  • PureAir offers the ability to receive short-term and long-term sales through its line of replacement media
  • Sales partners have an account manager to help your firm follow-up with the customer when it is time to test and replace the media
  • All customers receive complimentary media life testing at our in-house laboratory to assist with media changeout


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