Safetysorb Media Neutralizes Chlorine Gas Leak Threats

One of the most commonly produced chemicals in the US is Chlorine. It is often used for bleaching in the production of paper and cloth. It’s also used in the development of pesticides, rubber, and solvents. Additionally, Chlorine has disinfectant properties that make this chemical effective for the sanitation processes applied in industrial waste and sewage treatment.

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While Chlorine does have beneficial characteristics, it can also pose a significant hazard for applications that store it onsite, since Chlorine gas is considered to be both toxic and hazardous.

The Dangers of Chlorine Gas Leaks

Ammonia-like in odor, Chlorine gas is irritating to both the eyes and throat, and exposure to it can lead to difficulty in breathing. In addition to being toxic, Chlorine gas is highly flammable. If ignited, a chlorine gas fire can create a serious threat to the health and safety of staff and the surrounding area.

Safetysorb Chemisorbant Media

safetysorb adsorbent mediaSince chlorine gas is toxic, a leak involving chlorine gas should be considered a hazardous situation and risks must be mitigated. This process begins with selecting a highly effective chemisorbant media.

Safetysorb is a porous pellet media formed from powdered activated alumina. It is impregnated with a reagent that enhances its chlorine removal capacity. The reagent is uniformly distributed within the media to ensure it is capable of adsorbing and removing chlorine and fluorine throughout the entire pellet.

  • Specifically designed to meet the requirements of a chlorine release emergency.
  • Remains available for adsorption until the event of an emergency release. When a leak occurs, gaseous chlorine can be evacuated from the affected area and passed through a bank of Safetysorb.
  • Reacts with Chlorine to produce a harmless by-product that can be disposed of as a non-hazardous solid waste.
  • Removal capability is 15% by weight for Chlorine and 7.5% by weight for Fluorine
  • The media is non-flammable and meets a 300°C auto ignition level as defined by ASTM3466-76.

Note: Safetysorb media meets the requirements for UL certification.

Use Safetysorb Media With Emergency Gas Scrubbers For Reliable Protection Against Chlorine Gas Leaks

PureAir Filtration’s Safetysorb media used with the Sentry™ Emergency Gas Dry Scrubber provides a dependable line of defense against chlorine gas leaks. This extremely effective toxic gas scrubber is widely used at water treatment facilities, water reclamation operations, paper mills, chemical manufacturers, and similar types of industrial sites.

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