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The EcoClean™ Kitchen Exhaust Ecology Unit removes commercial kitchen gases rather than masking the odors or spraying additional chemicals to complicate and harm the environment. Using a multi-stage filtration system to filter particulates and gases, commercial buildings get the protection they need—no matter what the building design. The EcoClean™ provides architects and owners peace of mind that the interior building and adjacent external areas will be protected from malodorous compounds so that whatever odors are produced by the kitchen are eliminated and removed. PureAir Filtration has applied its experience and market leadership in the field of gas and odor removal to commercial kitchen exhaust removal with the EcoClean™ Kitchen Exhaust Ecology Unit.

PureAir's kitchen exhaust ecology unit
Ecoclean unit with text describing parts
Taif Hospital case study brochure
Taif Hospital in Saudi Arabia began receiving complaints regarding odors around the facility.

Leadership looked into the source of the odor and found that the hospital operating capacity has grown. The additional volume of food processed in the commercial kitchens caused odors to be emitted throughout the campus.

With patient and staff satisfaction at the forefront of decision making, the hospital chose to look for a reliable solution to remove the odor from the air, not just mask odors, as it leaves the kitchens.

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