Pure Air Filtration



PureAir Filtration
Patent Status Report 4/30/2021
Patent Number Application Number Title Direct Priority Issue Date TH Docket Ref.
10,441,914 15/806,410 Radial Air Purification System for Removal of Contaminants from a Gas and Methods of Fabrication 62/419,998 15-Oct-19 511605-1040
10,132,740 14/503,489 Media Bed Monitoring Device and System 61/886,781 20-Nov-18 511605-1030
10,801,964 16/188,548 Electric Monitoring of Gas Adsorbent Media Bed 14/503,489 20-Oct-20 511605-1031
10,981,110 16/523,447 Adsorbent Materials, Apparatus, and Methods of Removal of Hydrogen sulfide from Gases 15/601,358 20-Apr-21 511605-1011



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