Drum Scrubber-

Vertical Bed System-

Biological Engineered Adsorbent Scrubber Technology – BEAST™

Pure Air Filtration’s  Drum Scrubber (DS) is a vent control system that is completely self contained. This system provides a reasonable inexpensive air purification system for small flow odor air streams ranging in volume without prefiltering or mist/grease elimination, 50 to 1000 CFM. The PureAir DS systems maybe connected to an exhaust vent and used for passive odor control or environmental emission applications. The most common applications are process vessels, storage tanks, sewage life stations, and package sewage treatment plants. Drum scrubbers do not include prefilters, final filters, or mist/grease eliminators. Larger systems will include a blower to ensure active purging of contaminants.

Pure Air Filtration’s  Vertical Bed System (VBS) system is a complete self contained, vertical airflow unit. This deep bed system provides continuous high efficiency air purification for contaminated air streams ranging in volume from 150 to 8,000 CFM. Because the system has a vertical airflow, the potential for air bypass is completely eliminated. The PureAir VBS systems come in either blow-through or draw-through configurations

The new BEAST™ biological multistage scrubber is the most powerful odor control solution on the market.  The BEAST™ (Biologically Engineered Adsorbent Scrubber Technology) brings the best of class technologies to one innovative system to remove even the highest levels of H2S.  The full system features a bioscrubber followed by a polishing unit and includes complete remote monitoring and notification system, providing assurance of top level performance with minimal maintenance.  The system can handle H2S concentrations of 200+ ppm, and the various models can be configured to airflows between 250 and 8000 CFM.