Pure Air Filtration

Biological Engineered Adsorbent Scrubber Technology "The BEAST"

Your World Leaders in Odor
Control just Upgraded their Arsenal

Our cutting-edge design is unlike any other on the market. It combines the renewable capacity and power of biological scrubbers with the precise efficiency and reliability of our chemical adsorbent dry scrubbers to deliver 99.9% removal of extremely high levels of hydrogen sulfide and other gases.

Basic Information

Adsorbent Media: Sulphasorb Si (SSi)​

The BEAST Bioscrubber uses our Sulphasorb Si (SSi) media as its substrate. Unlike other substrates, SSi is easy to install, resistant to high acidity levels, extremely porous, and has a life of at least 10 years. Its incredible porosity allows for a large amount of surface area for odor eating bacteria to prosper. In addition, SSi is environmentally friendly, as it is made of recycled glass.

Model Data and Selection

Bioscrubber Comparison Sheet

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