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Trusted for years to filter unwanted gases, vapors, and odors, PureAir Filtration has taken a strategic step to develop a line of antimicrobial air filtration products. Currently, the two products on the market are Microbe-sorb Chemical Adsorbent Media, and FiberShield with Ionic+ technology. These solutions offer different ways to add a layer of protection against bacteria and viruses in commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

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PureAir Filtration—the world leader in the removal of gases, odors, and vapors—has developed with Noble Biomaterials an antimicrobial fiber fabric that can be used in HVAC systems to help fight against viruses and bacteria. PureAir’s FiberShieldTM is the only antimicrobial filter fabric of its kind on the market. Made of a proprietary blend of nonwoven, nylon microfibers, impregnated with Ionic+TM sterilizing silver particles, the powerful antimicrobial fabric can be incorporated into any particulate filter, allowing filter manufacturers the flexibility to simply add antimicrobial technology to existing products.

Understanding the requirements of nano-level air filtration:

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PureAir Filtration is happy to announce the launch of our newest media, Microbe-sorb! Microbe-sorb is comprised of our highest concentration of permanganate, plus a proprietary formula which activates and enhances its antimicrobial properties. PureAir’s adsorbent media has been trusted for years by customers to remove gaseous contaminants from industrial and commercial facilities, and now, our newest media has been developed to keep environments safe from viruses and bacteria. Like many of our other products, Microbe-sorb is also fire resistant.

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