Wastewater Odor Control

Pure Air Filtration offers wastewater odor control systems that solve the challenges municipalities face at lift stations, pump stations, and in the treatment facilities.  As the various locations each have their unique odor characteristics, depending on the customers and industries they serve, Pure Air Filtrations systems are created to adapt to the specific need of the odor characteristics.  Our systems are uniquely adapted to the volume of odors from each station created by such factors as temperature, the length of line, and water turbulence.  Our customers have both immediate and long term concerns.  So, we offer both permanent installations and rental units.

Customized Wastewater Odor Control Systems

Pure Air Filtration’s customized solutions are designed to handle the unique odor needs of a station.  As an example, if a station has volatile organic compounds, our custom systems will address that need with a unique media that only Pure Air Filtration offers.  Our systems will capture the VOCs before they exit the station.  PureAir provide comprehensive odor capture, not just odor reduction.

The longevity of the adsorbent media in our systems is calculated on the volume of work assigned to them.  Whenever possible, the units are designed to work for 1-2 years before needed to have the odor media replaced.  However, there are a number of factors that impact that amount of time they are effective.  Some of these will include the chemistry of the odor, the accuracy of the projected volume, and how often the system is operated.

Pure Air Filtration offers cutting edge solutions to ensure that odor control is always in place.  Be sure to ask about them.  One way we ensure that the units always remain effective is to include our EBM monitoring device that will electronically send a signal when the media needs to be replaced.