Our Air Filtration and Odor Control Rental Fleet

PureAir has a variety of models in its rental fleet.  Systems from 100 to 15,000 cfm are available.  Multiple systems can be connected to provide higher airflow.

PureAir odor control systems are typically used on municipal wastewater projects to provide odor control during construction or to temporarily replaced existing permanent odor control systems while under rehabilitation.  But, customers in other industries have benefited from PureAir temporary systems.

Rental Terms and Availability

Rental are available to customers in the US and Canada only.  Rental terms are flexible but longer term rentals have a significantly lower per-month cost.  The adsorbent media in the odor control system has to be purchased from PureAir along with the rental of the system.  PureAir can help select what type and quantity of adsorbent media is needed for the application and duration of the rental.

Rental Setup and Delivery

Setup is easy.  Place the unit where you need it.  Connect your air ducting and power.  Fill the unit with the odor adsorbing media.  Turn the system on.  That’s it!

Only PureAir Filtration has odor control systems available in stock and ready to ship in short notice.  We will work hard to meet your budget and schedule.