PureAir AC-C

Pure Air Filtration’s AC-C Coconut Shell Carbon  – Produced from the shell of coconuts, this carbon is considered the finest in the world for air purification. The reason for this is that the coconut shell forms pores which are just the right size to capture many gases and odors. Coconut shell carbon has a higher pressure drop (1.8” per foot at 70 fpm) Physical Characteristics: Shape: Flat.


PureAir AC Data

Activated carbons are one of the most cost effective methods of gas removal. Many types of activated carbons are available. Activated carbon is used for purifying air and water because it acts as an adsorbent, and can effectively remove particles and organics from water, and odors from air. One of the best materials for reducing risks to human health, this material is also aesthetically pleasing. Each activated carbon has its own specific benefit. Unless specified otherwise, PureAir provides AC-X type carbon as a standard.

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