Odor Control Rentals

Whether you are doing repairs on a sewer or repairing a permanent odor control system and need a temporary odor control system we have odor control rentals which can fit your needs and budget. We offer a range of systems include some which are trailer mounted so that they can be moved from location to location. Our three base systems include:

  • DS1000 – Trailer mounted unit to provide up to 1000 cfm of odor control.
  • VBS7.5 – Skid mounted system with carbon vessel and blower. Designed to provide up to 3500 cfm of odor control.
  • RF20 – Two part skidded system. Includes mist and grease filter, blower, and adsorber vessel. Designed to provide up to 15000 cfm of odor control. Multiple units can be connected to provide greater airflows.


  • Question: Does the system come with the odor adsorbent carbon?
  • Answer: Yes
  • Question: Where can you ship these systems?
  • Answer: Anywhere in North America