PureAir offers a broad range of solutions for commercial customers.   Here are some of PureAir’s satisfied customers:

  • Restaurants and hotel kitchens use PureAir EcoClean systems to capture smoke and cooking odors to prevent nuisance complaints.
  • Casinos looking to improve indoor air quality in smoking areas.
  • Commercial buildings looking to save energy by reducing outside air requirements through the use of effective air purification.
  • Museums and archives use PureAir to protect their valued contents from the effect of urban pollution.
  • Print shops rely on PureAir to reduce the VOCs in their facility
  • Hospitals use PureAir systems to capture diesel exhaust from ambulance bays, jet exhaust from helicopter pads, and odors from surgical wards and morgues.
  • Resorts use PureAir odor control systems to prevent sewer odors from disturbing the peace.