Hydrogen Sulfide Scrubbers

Hydrogen sulfide is the most requested gas that needs to be neutralized and removed.  It’s pungent odor is frequently affecting the surrounding areas of a manufacturing facility.  Frequently it can be found in wastewater of all types.  It causes corrosion problems at refineries and paper plants.

Hydrogen sulfide scrubbers are a general term that describes the systems that remove H2S from air.

Pure Air Filtration offers three varieties of scrubbers:

  • Wet Scrubber: This unit sprays a liquid neutralizer into the affected airstream.  The liquid reacts with and neutralizes the H2  The byproduct is a liquid salt which can be easily disposed.
  • Biofilter Scrubber: In application where the customer needs high levels of H2S reduced, this unit can be install and it employs bacteria to absorb the H2  This bacteria consumes the H2S and the sulfuric acid byproduct is washed out of the unit.    Bioscrubbers provide 90+% removal efficiency.
  • Absorbent Scrubbers: Also known as dry scrubbers, these vessels with filled with absorbent media and the targeted air passes through so the unit may capture the gas and neutralize it.  The media is similar to a sponge in its ability to gather H2S from the air and retain it.  The system administers porous pellets that are adsorbent systems.  PureAir systems uses chemisorbents that capture and permanently neutralized H2

When selecting a product to address a need such as removing Hydrogen sulfide, therre are a variety of systems, models and sizes that are tailored to a specific application.  Depending on the application, Pure Air Filtration creates a custom system to address that specific need and adapt to the environment in which it is installed.

The applications are generally:

  • Odor control
  • Emergency Gas Scrubbers
  • Protecting electronics
  • Indoor Air Quality