Chemical filtration

Chemical filtration is specific to the industrial market.

Chemical filtration is a form of filtration that is specifically suited for an industrial setting.  This highly specific and customized adsorbent system will trap the specific gases in the system.  It is a much more effective solution as compared to a masking agent.  Each unit is targeted to the specific gas identified or a unit can have a more broad-based objective and handle a variety of gases.  The broad-based units are multi-adsorbent and carry a blended mix that can eliminate a wide variety of gases.

Chemical Filtration, how it works:

Chemical filtration has three key components:

  • Adsorbent media: Media substrate is a porous base that provide a surface for the adsorption reaction.  This base is coated with one of many neutralizing chemicals depending on the application. Gases are absorbed into this media and captured permanently.
  • Industrial housing to hold the media.
  • A fan to pull air through the adsorbent media.

Most industrial settings know the chemicals being emitted from their facility.  If required, Pure Air Filtration can test the air to identify all of the needs in a particular setting.